Rogue Vendors: eCommerce 10/9/2018 10:36:37 PM

Continuous improvement in the technology carries its own fair share of cons. In today’s society matters involving money carry a lot of risk. Through eCommerce, where one is able to buy products via their phone, fraudulent transactions are becoming rampant.

#MILLIODS, #ICO, #NewCryptocurrency, #TopICOs, #BestICO, #BTC, #ETH, #ICOtoWatch, #eCommerceHow can you trust a vendor who is thousand miles away from you? You might wonder. Are sure are you will get the value for your money? We bet you are not even sure that the item you will receive matches the description of the vendor. These are some of the worries that come with eCommerce. Many have described this business as more of a gamble, where sometimes you get what you ordered while others, it’s not just your day.

Thanks to the MILLIODS Ecosystem, all that is taken care of. With this platform keen on consumer protection, such will be a thing of the past. The Ecosystem aims to make sure that one pays only if the product reflects the description presented by the seller. This takes away the fear that you might order product B then receive X.

More interesting is the fact that the ecosystem allows you to physically inspect the product before releasing your funds. In addition, you will pay only if satisfied that it meets the advertised or needed requirements.

To cap it all, The MILLIODS Ecosystem, relying on traceability, will save the purchaser’s from double jeopardy whereby the money spent is not recoverable, and the product shipped is either below the required standard or not shipped in at all.