Frequently Asked Questions

In whose interest is MILLIODS?

MILLIODS, in its early stages, was more of a Consumer Protection concept without much regard to the Vendor. However, we learnt that we should not secure the Consumer's interests only but also extend to the Vendor. Therefore, despite the project being pro-Consumer, it also covers the Vendor's interests.

What unique factors is MILLIODS Presenting?

The Consumer will only pay for the goods or virtual products like software after confirming that product fits its purpose or meets the description that was used when advertising by the Vendor. In simpler terms, the Consumer will have the opportunity to inspect goods or virtual products after delivery and conducting inspection.

What is the future of MILLIODS?

There are various ways of looking at the future. In our opinion, eCommerce and Logistics are areas of the Market Economy that will not be overtaken by Technology. Therefore, eCommerce and Logistics will continue to take place for a very long time, which makes MILLIODS a sustainable project as it goes for a long-lasting business activity.

Do you have a Prototype for MILLIODS Ecosystem?

No. We are incorporating various concepts on how various products will be transacted via the MILLIODS Ecosystem. Thereafter, we will assign various Designers to shape the MILLIODS Ecosystem, thereafter, we will share with the MID Token purchasers and other interested persons on what the MILLIODS Ecosystem will look like and operate.

Prospects of the Company?

The success of MILLIODS ITS to the launching of the MILLIODS Ecosystem will determine a lot of factors concerning the future projects. Nevertheless, the company intends to provide also Logistics Services at Regional Levels and followed by International Levels.

The pricing of the MID Tokens?

The pricing of MID Tokens is quite “high” as compared to most of the TGE that have taken place, and our reasoning is that the MID Tokens is intended to be utilised in eCommerce Lien Model of Business Transaction. Therefore, if the MID Token price is extremely low then one will need a lot of MID Tokens to purchase a product and offer the MID Tokens as collateral, while when it is a bit “high”, most individuals will be able to purchase less MID Tokens and be able to use in purchasing pricy products.

In addition, MILLIODS will encompass setting up and utilising Data Centers for purposes of enhancing Data Protection, Backup, and avoiding unnecessary Data Processing by third parties that we may end up utilising their Data Centers.