Bitcoin $106.79 $9,213.20 -13.73%
Ethereum $2.24 $195.83 -12.78%
XRP $0.00 $0.29 -4.7%
Bitcoin Cash $3.04 $276.69 -9.13%
Litecoin $0.89 $78.21 -12.5%
EOS $0.04 $3.59 -15.21%
TRON $0.00 $0.02 -16.75%
Cardano $0.00 $0.05 -11.46%
IOTA $0.00 $0.26 -14.19%
MILLIODS Ecosystem?

Consumer Protection & Vendors' Interests:
all these to ease eCommerce.

Our primary goal is to ensure that Consumer Protection is enhanced.

MILLIODS takes advantage of the Blockchain Technology to disrupt the eCommerce Model of business by ensuring an online purchaser can inspect goods upon delivery; thereafter, pay for the goods or return them to the vendor. In addition, the unpaid vendor is equally protected using the Lien Model of transaction that allows the vendor to hold MID Tokens.

The first and only decentralised eCommerce Platform that will provide the users with the opportunity to purchase products from whatever zones of the world without fear of being duped by the vendor or purchaser.

Is MILLIODS worth it?

Consumer Oriented - Sale of Goods - eCommerce - Vendor Interests

The future of eCommerce is unstoppable and it is best if we shape it as early as now.


Millions of dollars have been lost to scammers or rogue online vendors through providing substandard, or counterfeit products to unsuspecting online purchaser who are easily convinced by the pictures that are used or purchased reviews, therefore, making it hard for a purchaser to make an objective decision. These challenges affect people from various Social and Financial Status not to mention both Developed and Developing Countries.


eCommerce enables a person to by-pass the limited products within their own locality by purchasing from overseas or from foreign States. Considering that, it is imperative to shape the eCommerce Transaction, make it easy to purchase sophisticated and expensive products without being duped by rogue vendors. In addition, the interests of an honest vendor will equally be protected as no lien/security will be released prior to payment or return of product.

Legal Action

A Consumer who purchases products from overseas, or a foreign country, is always reluctant to pursue any legal action upon being a victim of fraudulent or scammer activities, which is due to the expenses involved. For instance, when a purchaser from Canada is scammed $50 by a Vendor in Belgium, the thought of the costs of commencing legal actions against the vendor tend to make such a purchaser to waive their legal rights.


Pre-ITS & Values

The MILLIODS Project will provide ERC20 based Tokens referred herein as MID Tokens. Payment will be through common cryptocurrency processing platforms.


Dec 1, 2018 (00:00AM GMT)

MID Tokens on Sale

25,000,000 (50%)


Jan 25, 2019 (00:00AM GMT)

MID Tokens exchange rate

1 MID = USD 1.5

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

1 ETH/ 1 BTC

ITS will start in

Initial Token Distribution


Fund Allocation


The Timeline

Past, Present, and the Future. You are welcome!

MILLIODS Ecosystem Apps

MILLIODS Website is responsive

Our website is responsive, therefore, one can access and use it while on transit or far away from their desktops or laptops.

The MILLIODS Ecosystem, thus, the actual end product, will have an amazing Android and iOS eCommerce mobile application so as to make it easy for the users' to utilise the Platform.

  • Search
  • Make up your mind
  • Order for a Product
  • Delivery and Inspection
  • Pay or Return
Our Team

The Leadership Team

We have a young and vibrant Team that spearheads the objectives of the Company.

Founder & Director

Ombo Malumbe

Founder & Director

An expert in Information Communication Technology Law, a holder of Bachelor of Laws degree, and Post Graduate Diploma in Law from Kenya School of Law.

Ombo has been working with various Initial Coin Offering companies as an advisor, analyst, and structuring how the Initial Coin Offering companies should be, not to mention the compliance with the laws in various jurisdictions. He has previously worked and bolstered peer-to-peer based projects in and outside the Republic of Kenya. He recently initiated a company that gives focus on developing and acquisition of tech based projects.

Corporate Governance
Data Law

Vanessa Beerden


Vanessa B. is a curious and ambitious person.

She travels to various parts of the world in a bid to understand different social and economic cultures and how one can adopt various Innovative and Technological based projects without necessarily affecting the human race negatively. As she tours the world, she has had the chance to observe, learn and hear from many people concerning various issues, which she always envision and translate to solutions. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Hospital Nursing, specializing in medical foot care and Management. She has had the opportunity to work with various entities in Belgium, where she resides. However, she is not engulfed into her career path as she has an interest in investing in various types of business portfolios that not only suite her interest but show an element of ROI and ROA. She is experienced in management, project analysis (considering the past, current, and future factors), leadership, people skills, and concept development.

Strategy Implementation
People's Skills
Project Development

Michael Opondo

Project Development

Opondo has five years of highly specialized professional experience in policy and strategy development and implementation.

During this period, he has occupied multiple leadership roles that have advanced both vertical and horizontal strategies in several contexts. Much of this work has involved providing support and expertise for the comprehensive development and implementation of mission-critical programs and projects targeting the global south, research and mapping exercises to identify and/or review the best industry practices to innovate on neglected frontiers. Through my work in the field, he has co-led and/or co-authored reports, analytical papers and background notes on research and innovation for the United Nations, European Commission, IGAD, US State Department, British High Commission, and the British Council amongst others.

Project Management
Implementation Skills
International Law
Head of Communications

Amos Mabinda

Head of Communications

An experienced communication professional with 10 years experience in media.

He works for Kenya Television Network as a broadcast researcher. Delivering content for various programs, managed International news desk for 5 years, track record in detecting emerging media trends and ensuring compliance and liaison with all economic players, NGOs, government and foreign officials. Mabinda is also the founder and Chief Editor, Afroway Online, a niche digital media publishing venture covering entertainment news from Africa. Before he worked as a reporter for Kenya News Agency (KNA): news reporting, PR in government and team leadership. Earlier on he produced business news at MMUST FM for 3 years. He is passionate about the digital sphere, keeping in touch with the ever-changing tech world if not contributing to it. Mabinda has a bachelor�s degree in journalism and mass communication from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. He lives in Nairobi and is an avid music fan and crate digger.

Public Relations
Media Content Researcher

The Advisory board

Board Advisor

Cedrick Chisando

Board Advisor

Cedrick is a finance and accounting professional.

He holds a Bachelor�s degree in Commerce (Finance Specialization) from the University of Nairobi and is a CPA (K). Currently, he serves as a financial accountant at Transcentury Group, an investment company with interests in infrastructure across Africa. Cedrick has a passion for researching and blogging on finance related matters, investment analysis, emerging technologies in finance such as blockchain and how this can be utilized in impacting African lives positively. This is boosted by his strong research background having worked with research companies such as Kantar TNS and Ipsos Kenya.

Investment Policy
Capital Markets
Board Advisor

Julia Carbajal

Board Advisor

Experienced strategy and management consultant with over eighteen years within leading blue-chip organisations specializing in telecom digital and media and in later years within the innovative Start-up business world.

Driven, entrepreneurial and business-focused professional with strong analytical, influencing and execution skills. Unique international profile having worked on projects across Europe, UK, USA, Middle East, and South East Asia. Proven ability to build interpersonal business relationships with colleagues and clients including CEO and Board level. Demonstrated track record driving and executing high profile deals and alliances. Extensive executive contact network in the Middle East, Europe, and US. Exceptional corporate industry expertise and experience having worked with major multinational Groups: Vodafone, France Telecom, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia, Telenor, Ooredoo Group (Qatar Telecom). Remarkable Start-up experience in later years being involved with different start-up eco-systems, some of the most innovative and renowned start-ups from Silicon Valley and having successfully launched its own profitable business venture.

Product Conceptualisation
Branding & Marketing
Board Advisor

Francis Chemorion

Board Advisor

Francis Chemorion is a Passion driven Information Communication Technology Professional with at least 5+ years of experience.

He provides Advisory, Consulting, Managed Services and Training in Blockchain, Business Intelligence, Cyber Security & Information Security domains for various sectors like Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, Transportation, Industrial Manufacturing and Information Technology enabling companies to implement & maintain 360 degree security posture of Personal and Business Information.

Smart Contract Audit and Assessment
Building Blockchain Infrustracture
Security Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

The Questions and Answers herein are meant to provide some quick brief view of the MILLIODS Ecosystem. However, should you have any other question, please feel free to contact us.

What is MILLIODS all about?

The MILLIODS Ecosystem is customer geared eCommerce platform that gives low scale purchasers' the opportunity to buy, receive on delivery, inspect the goods, and pay for it, if it meets the required standards.

What is the classification of MID Token?

MILLIODS Ecosystem will utilise MID Tokens as Utility Tokens, As noted, the MID Tokens will be used as collateral for purposes of successfully conducting a transaction vide the MILLIODS Ecosystem.

How can I participate in the Token sale?

You can take part by joining the Whitelist. However, should you come across MILLIODS post Pre-ITS, you can simply register and purchase the MID Tokens. All activities being subject to the terms and conditions.

How do I benefit from the ICO Token?

While we are not promising on the value of the MID Token appreciating, we remind you that the purpose of the MID Token is to serve as a Collateral during eCommerce. In addition, we will list it on selective Token Exchange Platforms to enable the Token Holders to trade.

When is the Pre-ITS?

We have scheduled the Pre-ITS for December 01, 2018. However, should there be any need based on the advise from our Advisory Board, we will make the necessary information on this website and our social media accounts.

How long will the Pre-ITS last?

We intend to run it for a period of one and half months. However, we have the option to extend it to a given date that we will also make public - should that be the case.

How may MID Tokens are available?

We have a total of 50,000,000 MID Tokens. A total of 25,000,000 will put on sale: Pre-ITS will cost $1.5 per MID Token while ITS will cost $2 per MID Token.

Target market?

In reference to purchasing the MID Tokens, we have restricted some countries based on our Terms and Conditions. However, the MILLIODS Ecosystem will be open to everyone across the globe.

What Blockchain Technology?

We have adopted the Ethereum Blockchain Technology, and particularly ERC20.

The number of MID Tokens in circulation?

We have total of 50,000,000 MID Tokens. 25,000,000 will be on sale while 25,000,000 will be distributed as indicated in the Whitepaper.

What if all MID Tokens are not sold?

We will burn the remaining MID Tokens that were for sale.

Intentions to restructure the Token Economy?

We have no intentions of restructuring the Token Economy.

What market is MILLIODS Ecosystem all about?

MILLIODS Ecosystem and MID Tokens will solely be based on eCommerce Platform.

How big is eCommerce?

eCommerce is a 2.3 Trillion US Dollar market that is still growing as days go by. It is important to note that In 2017, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021. The top 3 online stores' revenue amounted to almost 100 billion US dollars in 2017 (Statista, 2018).

Sustainability of MILLIODS Ecosystem?

In reference to the information shared by Statista, which we have provided herein, it is evident that eCommerce will keep on growing, therefore, the growth of eCommerce means that MILLIODS Ecosystem will remain relevant as long as eCommerce exists.

Prospects of the Company?

We are a Start-up but our ultimate goal is to project our relevance across the world so as to compete the market share of the likes of Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Alibaba, just to mention a few.


MILLIODS Ecosystem

Lafont Innovations LLC

Windsor House, 4th Floor

Nairobi, Kenya

C/O Ong'anya Ombo Advocates LLP

Regulatory factors?

We are keenly following the regulatory framework in the Republic of Kenya and other parts of the world. Therefore, we have our options open to have the company that is managing the project to be registered in suitable jurisdictions across the world should the current jurisdiction seem unfavourable.

Any policies/ documents that interested persons should consider?

We have provided the following for your use: Token Sale Agreement/ Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Acceptable Use Policy, the Whitepaper, among others.

Data Laws?

We have extensively addressed this topic under our Privacy Policy. Please note that our Privacy Policy is GDPR Compliant and we are working on how to incorporate the proposals under the California Consumer Privacy Act, 2018 that will take effect in January 01, 2020.


Get In Touch

Please feel free to contact us on questions concerning MILLIODS.